Hotmail gets an all new look

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Jos sinulla ei ole Windows Live Hotmail -tiliä, voit joko rekisteröidä uuden tilin tai päivittää aiemmin luodun MSN Hotmail -tilin Windows Live Hotmail -tiliksi.

Windows Live Hotmail gives consumers the flexibility to access accounts where ever and when ever they want. Using ’Outlook Connector,’ scheduled to be available worldwide later this month in 11 languages, consumers can view and manage their accounts from Outlook for free, with full contact, e-mail, and e-mail folder synchronization.

As the Hotmail technical help is live with 24/7 set up and is remotely-feasible, you can expect instant support to resolve any pertaining issues. Some trivial issues related to temporarily account ban are quite easy to fix, and you just need to validate with your mobile number that you are the actual account holder.



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